Additive Manufacturing - Limitless production technology

MMG's production capabilities continue to grow steadily in the field of additive manufacturing. Both in conventional 3D printing in the plastics sector and in additive manufacturing of metal, we are setting standards in component size.

MMG is offering XXL-objects manufactured by a XXL FDM 3D-printer. With its printing dimensions of 2m x 2m x 2m (l x w x h) it is one of the largest industrial 3D-printer. The printer is capable to print high speed with a high geometric accuracy. The filament-based extruder allowes a high flow rate up to 100mm/s (0,9kg/h).

Mecklenburger Metallguss GmbH mainly uses the plastic PLA (polylactic acid) for printing, as it is cost-effective, recyclable, laminable, easy to print and compatible with inorganic and organic molding materials. In addition to PLA and PETG, other commercially available plastics can also be processed. The machine is used for a wide range of tasks, e.g. printing of casting patterns and functional samples of any components.

3 D Druck Zelle Kunststoffflügel

Manufacturing of casting patterns

FDM 3D printing offers another alternative to conventional model production from wood or Styrofoam. Printing models with FDM can shorten lead times, especially for small batches or individual parts, and reduce costs without compromising dimensional accuracy. Printing hollow structures can reduce model weights by up to 50% compared to conventional manufacturing. The foundry of Mecklenburger Metallguss GmbH is already benefiting from the advantages of FDM printing technology.

Due to producing the casting models completely in-house, Mecklenburger Metallguss can react faster to customer inquiries.

Struktural Part Prototype

Prototype production and functional models

Do you need a demonstration model or design sample for your product or component? With our XXL 3D printer, we offer you the production of physical exhibits in life-size.

Schweißroboter 1

Robot for Arc-Welding

Another new production technology is a robot cell for arc welding (GMAW) of hollow structures. The process applies a robotic welding arm which uses an electrical arc beam on metal wire feedstock to fabricate 3D objects. Due the high melting rates, arc welding is one of the most important additive manufacturing processes for large-volume components. Compared to powder welding, arc welding offers a cost-effective alternative with proven and robust process technology.

MMGs WAAM process (Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing) is a layer wise built-up process, based on filler material of bronzes and a MIG pulsed-arc.

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