Qualitaet Optical Precision Measurement 1

Inspections - High-end inspections

We offer a wide range of tests and inspections, starting from non-destructive testing methods (NDT) optical precision measurement and dye-penetrant tests as well as chemical analysis and classical inspections, e.g. tensile test, notch impact test, hardness tests and many more.

Testing methods we offer:

Chemical analyses:

  • Alloy determination by optical emission spectrometer (stationary) for Cu- , Al- and Fe-based alloys
  • Mix-up testing (mobile) by X-ray fluorescence analysis

Non-destructive material testing:

  • Dye penetrant testing
  • Ultrasonic testing
  • X-ray inspection
  • Surface roughness test
  • Visual inspection

Destructive material testing:

  • Tensile test
  • Notched-bar impact test
  • Hardness tests according to Brinell (stationary, mobile), Rockwell (mobile) and Vickers (mobile)

Component inspection:

  • Optical 3D measurements (stationary, mobile on request) by photogrammetry and fringe projection
  • Pressure tightness test
  • Helium leakage test

Determination of material characteristics:

  • Thermal conductivity
  • Electrical conductivity
  • Corrosion behaviour
  • Attenuation test

Foundry-specific testing technologies:

  • Various molding material testing methods (strength, moisture, gas permeability, sieve analysis)
  • Hydrogen measurement (carrier gas hot extraction)
  • Various temperature measurement methods

Specific quality tests:

  • Static unbalance testing of propellers and other rotationally symmetric objects up to a mass of 150t
  • Testing the fit of tapered elements, e.g. propeller shafts, using male gauges (blue fitting test) or optical measuring method (VCT)
  • Mobile metallography
Qualitaet Spektralanalyse 1
Specimens after material analysis in the emmissions spectrometer
Qualitaet Spektralanalyse 2
Overview of chemical alloy composition
Qualitaet Farbeindringpruefung
Dye penetrant testing of a propeller blade
Qualitaet Ultraschall
Ultrasonic testing of an MMG-escap
Qualitaet Oberflaechenrauhigkeit 1
Measurement of the surface roughness
Qualitaet Zugfestigkeit
Tensile strength measurement
Qualitaet Haertepruefung
Hardness test
Qualitaet Optical Precision Measurement 3
Optical precicion measurement of a propeller
Qualitaet Kantenschablone
Checking the leading edge geometry of a propeller by means of a template
Qualitaet Blaubildtest
Blue fitting test of a propeller with a male gauge
Qualitaet Blaubildtest 2
Excellent result of a blue fitting test
Qualitaet Stempelung
Stamped propeller after final inspection
Qualitaet Kundenabnahme
On-site customer acceptance test
Driven by your demands