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Propeller - The driving force on all seas

Whether container ships, tankers, bulk carriers, supply vessels, naval vessels or cruise ships – MMG designs and manufacturers fixed and controllable pitch propellers weighing up to 160 tons and with a diameter of up to 11.6 meters for all ship classes and sizes.

We guarantee maximum reliability by using cast copper alloys in the production of our propellers, whose quality far exceeds the standards of the classification societies.


Espro: Customized propellers for more efficient propulsion

For above-average efficiency at slow or fast speeds, with full or reduced loads, each MMG-Espro (Energy Saving Propeller) is individually designed to your operational profile. Load, draught, drift angle, speed, current, wind and swell on the planned route play a decisive role in the design concept.

Your advantages by using an Espro

  • Fuel savings of up to 10%
  • Perfect matching to the individual operating profile
  • Highest manufacturing precision
  • Economical ship operation

Retrofit/Redesign: Optimization of the fleet in service

Numerous ship owners already operate their fleet with "slow steaming", e.g. due to rising fuel prices. The EEXI regulations now require further increases in efficiency. MMG retrofit propeller offer additional saving potential by optimizing your operating vessels in terms of propeller performance, efficiency and fuel consumption by eplacing the ship‘s propeller.

Advantages of the MMG Redesign

  • Fuel saving of up to 14 %
  • ROI after 6 months
  • Best propeller quality
  • Fast changeover
  • Service for entire product life cycle
  • EEXI & CII compliance measure
  • Redesign with latest technologies
Espac 1

Espac™: Doubly efficient - propeller and rudder perfectly matched

Global challenges require integrated solutions. The holistically optimized propulsion concept MMG-Espac™ (Energy Saving Package) perfectly coordinates the interaction of propeller and rudder, thus significantly improving efficiency and manoeuvrability.

Advantages of the Espac™ propulsion concept

  • Fuel saving of up to 14 % compared to standard configurations
  • Extended running time due to reduced cavitation
  • Optimized rudder and propeller performance
  • Highly efficient maneuverability

Festpropeller 2
Fixed pitch propeller Espro with Escap®
MMG ADC Auslieferung 4 ges 120812
Variety of different fixed pitch propellers
Verstellpropeller Nabe 1
Hub of a controllable pitch propeller
Espro Palais Royal 1
Espro (Ø 10,1m) for "CMA CGM Palais Royal"
Espro Palais Royal 4
CMA CGM Palais Royal, IMO 9839181, 23000TEU container ship
Referenz Sandy Rickmers 1
Re-Design with Espro (Ø 6,6m) and Escap®
Referenzen Ocean Grand IMO 9681821 2
Espac™ (Ø 5,7m) for "Ocean Grand"
Referenzen Aida Stella 1
Espros (Ø 5,2m) for "AIDAstella"

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