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In case of an accident with propeller damage, things have to be done as soon as possible. We plan and lead the diver inspection, assess the damage, work out a short-term solution for the continued operation of the ship and provide you with a final repair recommendation as well.

Propellerreparatur Diver

Diver inspection

  • Recommendations for the execution of the inspection
  • Accompanying and guiding the diving team during the preparation and execution of the inspection

Damage assessment

  • Damage determination with regard to damage type, position and size on the basis of the diver inspection
  • Risk assessment and evaluation
Propeller Repair Proposal Edge Cracked

Recommendation for continued operation of the vessel.

The action plan to bring your vessel back into operation will be a selection of the following options:

  1. Continued operation possible until next scheduled survey
  2. Temporary continued operation with additional diver inspection
  3. Temporary repair until next docking
  4. Final repair recommendation for complete damage repair and reconstitution of the original propeller geometry and the associated propulsion characteristics

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