Spezialguss Spindelmutter

Jobbing Foundry & Special Casting - We materialize your ideas

You have a special component with unique geometry requirements or need a special alloy? With MMG you have the right partner at hand, because we materialize your ideas and turn them into reality.

You require a casting made of non-ferrous metal that is neither a propeller, propeller cap nor centrifugal casting? Our experienced designers and casting engineers can advise you on all aspects of production. We have already successfully realised various projects with complex castings and a wide range of alloys, e.g.:

  • Impeller for large pumps (flood protection)
  • Ballast water reactor
  • Spindle nut for large presses
  • Turbines for tidal power plants
  • Pickling hooks for wire industry
  • Spherical cap for bearings
Impeller GOM TRI 10
CAD image of a pump impeller (Ø 4600mm)
Impeller Erstarrung Temperatur
Solidification simulation for impeller (Ø 4600mm)
Impeller z7 Formenbau
Mold construction for impeller
Impeller Abguss
Casting of an impeller (Ø 4600mm)
Impeller 009 bearbeitet
Finished impeller (Ø 4600mm)
Impeller GOM TRI 9
Optical measurement of an impeller (Ø 4600mm)
Spezialguss Spindelmutter
Spindle nut for large presses
Spezialguss Spindelmutter detail
Quality inspection of extra large spindle nut
Unterwassergehäuse Vernetzung
Crosslinking simulation for the casting of an underwater housing
Unterwassergehäuse Formkontrolle 3
Inspection of the mold of an underwater housing
Unterwassergehäuse CAM 3 Achs Bearbeitung
Simulation of the mechanical processing of an underwater housing
Spezialguss Gehause Gondelantrieb 1
Final quality inspection of an underwater housing for a gondola drive
Ballastwasserreaktor Füllung Geschwindigkeit
Casting simulation (smelt velocity) for a ballast water reactor
Spezialguss Ballastwasserreaktor
Finished ballast water reactor
Tidal Kite Concept
Functioning priciple of the kite driven tidal turbine
Tidal Kite
Kite driven tidal power plant
MMG Turbine Tidal Kite
MMG-Turbine for kite driven tidal power plant
Minesto 625 Test
Tidal kite with MMG-turbine

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