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Products - Our products set the standards

Ship propellers from MMG have been setting the benchmark for decades in terms of design, size, quality and efficiency. The key to our success are individually designed propellers which are in perfect alignment with vessel type, hull, engine and operating profile.

By using innovative technologies we guarantee design quality and production accuracy for products that are unique worldwide.

However, our product range goes far beyond as we also produce large sized impeller for pumps, centrifugal castings or special projects according to our customers’ requirements.

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Individual propellers for the most efficient propulsion


Whether container ships, tankers, bulk carriers, supply ships, cruise ships or naval vessels – MMG designs and manufactures propellers of up to 160t and 11.6m in diameter for all ship classes and sizes.

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Small cap. Big impact.

Propeller Boss Cap

The innovative MMG Energy Saving Cap (MMG-Escap®) enables ship owners to increase the efficiency of their propulsion system by up to 3 %. The Escap® has an elaborate fin design which straightens the hub vortex and reduces torque loss.

Propeller Boss Cap
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Technique for individual requirements

Centrifugal Casting

With the method of centrifugal casting we produce liners and bushes made from copper or aluminum alloys. The semi-finished products produced in this way are particularly suitable for the manufacture of highly stressed structural parts.

Centrifugal Casting
Driven by your demands