20. Müritz-Run: Excellent performance of MMG-Teams

Mueritz Run 2
Athletes of the running teams MMG1 & MMG2

75km around the Müritz, Germany's largest inland lake. This is the Müritz-Run, which attracts numerous runners year after year. The track is divided into 8 stages with a length between 7.5km and 10.6km.
MMG's relay teams achieved an outstanding 2nd and 14th place for the 20th anniversary of the event on August 14, 2021! MMG1 completed the 75km in a total time of 05:07:49 hours. MMG2 reached the finish line after 06:13:56 hours.
All athletes, escorts and supporters had great fun again and we are proud of the team spirit and the excellent performances of our colleagues.

So one thing is clear: MMG's running relay teams will compete again next year and will train hard in the meantime to further improve their results.

Mueritz Lauf Karte
Route of the Müritz-Run with handover points
Mueritz Run 5
The running relay team MMG1 presenting the cup for the 2nd place.
Mueritz Run 1
Certificates for the team results of the 20th Müritz-Run
Mueritz Run 3
Joint finish of the running team MMG2
Mueritz Run 4
MMG2 running stage 5 of 8 (Zielow-Röbel)
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