Successful delivery of Impellers for flood protection

The climate change causes the sea levels to rise. How fast this will take place is yet uncertain. Nevertheless, it is sure that this fact is risk of a potential flooding of all countries located at the ocean. Therefore flood protection concepts will become more and more important in the future. Especially for the Netherlands, who are already located below sea level today.

Impeller delivery 001

MMG is pround to announce the successful delivery of 6 large scale impellers to Flowserve, a company that produces flood protection pumps. The impellers are made of aluminum bronze, a material which is well known for it's excellent corrosion resistance, especially in salt water. The impellers measure 4,60m in diameter and have a mass of 33 metric tons.

The impellers will be assembeled into pumps that are part of the Netherlands flood protection concept, in particular the extension of the "Afsluitdijk", the main dyke that protects the Netherlands from the open waters of the Atlantic Ocean.

Here you can find a short video, explaining the functional principle of the flood protection concept and the operating principle of the pumps.

Impeller delivery 005
Top view of a 4,60m impeller
Impeller delivery 002
Loaded impeller in front of MMG's production hall
Impeller delivery 004
Shipment of 3 impellers at a time
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