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We create individual design studies based on your operational profile to develop the ideal propeller for your vessel with the highest possible propulsion efficiency and propeller endurance.

With many years of experience in marine propulsion, we can offer a comprehensive catalog of engineering services. Whether it may be the general demand for an overall improvement in propulsion efficiency, questions about vibration issues or difficulties with increased fuel consumption.

Our services in the field of design & studies:

  • Complete analysis of the current state of your ship, taking into account sea trial measurements, model tests and operating data
  • Estimation of the optimization potential of your vessel
  • Execution of flow simulations, equivalent to common model test procedures
  • Support and supervision of model tests in newbuilding projects
  • Preparation of individual studies such as trim studies or investigation of various energy efficiency devices
  • Investigation of strength and vibration issues in the powertrain area, also in cooperation with our partners in the marine engine industry
  • Calculations and advice on the evaluation of questions relating to the new Energy Efficiency Existing Ship Index (EEXI)
  • and much more...
Powering Prediction

Redesign study

Based on the as-is operational data (noon data) (e.g.: speed, engine power, RPM, ship geometry, draught/loading conditions, weather etc.) and in conjunction with our state-of-the-art "Multidata Design Concept", we create the operating profile of your vessel. Based on this data, we are then able to optimize the propeller. For this purpose, we consider several variations and combinations of parameters such as the speed-draught matrix. In addition, the target of our propeller designs is finding the ideal/optimal point in the field of tension between propulsion efficiency and cavitation.

Digital Twin

Propeller development for ship new buildings

Based on the specification and the planned operational profile, we design a digital twin of your vessel. Subsequently, we create different propeller designs in a variation calculation. Due to the digital technology "Numerical Propulsion Simulation" we can directly evaluate and compare the efficiency of the different propeller designs. The result is a propeller whose number of blades, pitch angle and expanded blade area ratio are individually optimized for your vessel.

Comparison Propeller Design
Comparison of propeller design (left: original propeller, right: MMG-Redesign propeller)
Re Design Open Water Performance
Open water performance of propellers - original vs. MMG-Redesign

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