Giesserei Schmelzofen mix
Preparation of the melt

Foundry - Quality casting first time right

With one of the world's largest melting capacities for aluminum and copper alloys, we cast with the highest level of homogeneity of the molten material in the most powerful induction furnace systems.


We offer manufacturing capabilities for components up to:

  • Diameter: 11.600 mm
  • Final weight copper alloys: 160 t
  • Final weight aluminum alloys: 70 t
  • Annual capacity: 14.000 t


Only a flawless casting piece guarantees a long lifetime of the propeller. Already beforehand MMG simulates and analyses the casting and solidification process. With the help of the largest medium frequency induction furnace in the industry and the provision of extensive services we ensure highest quality and security.


More than 20 molding stations are used simultaneously to produce the castings. A crane capacity of 3 x 160 tons enables even the heaviest castings to be handled without difficulty. The know-how of our employees is supported by state-of-the-art computer technology. The latest software applications enable us to simulate the casting processes as well as the solidification behavior of a casting. The exact material analysis is monitored and documented in our in-house laboratory.

Giesserei Kupferguss 1
Casting of a ship propeller
Reihenabguss VP Flügel
Row casting of controllable pitch propeller blades
Giesserei Kupferguss 0
Casting of a propeller cap
Giesserei Kupferguss 2
Casting ladle
Giesserei Schmelzofen mix
Preparation of the melt
Giesserei Schmelzofen
Overview of the induction furnaces
Giesserei Formbau mix
Preparation of a mold for a MMG-Escap (Propeller Boss Cap Fin)


High-quality metals, whose dosage is strictly monitored, guarantee the quality of our alloys. This includes the entire range of alloys for shipbuilding, which are approved by the classification societies.

The use of the most modern IT technology for the casting and solidification simulation guarantee our customers maximum design accuracy and quality. MMG engineers will be happy to support you with in-depth engineering know-how when optimizing your designs and series.

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