Numerical Propulsion Simulation
Numerical Propulsion Simulation

Numerical Simulation - Simulation and success instead of trial and error

At MMG the digital twin supports the technical development on its path to success. The consequent application of modern simulation methods in the development process and manufacturing are the driver for success and on time delivery.

Roboterteil FEM deformation small


Modern component design based on FEM simulation are part of everyday life in construction and development at MMG. In this way, we guarantee that resources in product development are used optimally and in line with requirements.

Simulation Propulsion escap

Computational Fluid dynamics

The use of modern methods of flow simulation (CFD) achieves an ever increasing depth of detail. We use these possibilities to optimize our propellers and impellers

Simulation Casting Propeller

Casting simulation

The cast production of large components must not result in trial and error. The economical production of complex cast parts includes a simulation of the casting behavior before it gets hot.

Numerical Propulsion Simulation
Numerical Propulsion Simulation
PAL1437 CFD Demo v2
CFD demo of a fixed pitch propeller
Simulation FEM Propeller Saugseite
FEM simulation of a propeller blade - suction side
Simulation FEM Propeller Druckseite
FEM simulation of a propeller blade - pressure side
Simulation Noise Propeller
Simulation of the noise emission of a propeller
Ballastwasserreaktor Füllung Geschwindigkeit
Ballast water reactor: Velocity of the melt during casting
Verstellpropellerfluegel Flaechenvergleich
Surface comparison of a controllable pitch propeller blade during milling
Roboterschleifen KUKA VP6
Automated grinding of a variable pitch propeller blade by a robot

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