Numerical Controlled Processing scheme

Numerical Controlled Processing

MMG relies on Numerical Controlled Processing (NCP) for highly accurate machining used at all stages of production.

NCP involves all numerical processes a MMG propeller is passing through during construction and manufacturing. With the most precise free-form surfaces using the latest CAD software the basis is set for all geometrical evaluation – whether for the best fit algorithm directly after casting, as a basis for CAM works or as a default value for the final quality inspection.

This ensures that design quality is maintained throughout all processes to ensure the best possible efficiency of the propeller even at full capacity.

Thanks to NCP, computer-controlled five-axis milling machines can work even more precisely and efficiently. Even with manual machining techniques, such as grinding, MMG achieves a manufacturing accuracy at the highest level with NCP.

Verstellpropellerfluegel Flaechenvergleich
Surface comparison of a controllable pitch propeller blade during milling
Verstellpropeller Roboterschleifen
Automated grinding of a variable pitch propeller blade by a robot

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