VCT Mounting 2

Mounting Supervision - Propeller assembly made easy

To ensure maximum propulsion efficiency, proper assembly of the propeller and propeller cap is required. We always strive to offer our customers a holistic service that includes as well the assembly support in addition to the actual propeller manufacturing and shipping logistics.

Keyless fitting diagram 001

Propeller and cap assembly sequence

  • Definition, testing and ensuring the use of adequate tools
  • Assurance of the availability of all accessories according to the bill of material
  • Determination of the assembly parameters and definition of the push-up length
  • Preparation for assembly (shaft measurement and positioning)
  • Checking the hub bore (damage) and preparing the shaft cone (cleaning)
  • Supervision of the interference fit assembly
  • Monitoring of the pressure curves in the hydraulic circuits during mounting
  • Assembly evaluation and documentation
Propellerwechsel 2
Retrofit (Redesign) propeller ready for mounting
VCT Mounting 1
Photogrammetry of a tail shaft
Propellerwechsel 3
Redesign/Retrofit propeller before mounting on the tail shaft
Propellerwechsel 4
Mounting of the Retrofit propeller onto the tail shaft
VCT Mounting 3
Redesign propeller with MMG-Escap in assembled condition after propeller exchange

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