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We offer our customers a variety of different analyses and calculation methods, from CFD, FEM and EEXI to other calculations. In combination with detailed simulations, we can ensure excellent component performance and quality as well as compliance with cost and schedule targets.

Bending stress and deflection of shaft line
  • EEXI calculations (Energy Efficiency Existing Ship Index for existing ships) according to MARPOL Annex VI, determination of the "Carbon Intensity Indicator" (CII) as well as advice on target achievement according to the "Ship Energy Efficiency Management Plan" (SEEMP)
  • Shaft calculations, such as torsional vibration and shaft alignment needs caused by mass and gas forces of the engine and by the mass inertia of the propeller
  • Fluid dynamic calculations (CFD) for propulsion effectiveness and cavitation of propellers, propeller caps, pumps and other fluidic components
  • Strength calculations using both FEM and classical methods for propellers, pumps, turbines, shaft-hub interference fits, and mechanical engineering components such as robot parts

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