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Optical Measurement - We measure worldwide

We send our mobile service team to the shipyard of your choice to measure the tail shaft or propeller with our high-precision optical measurement technology.

Cone and surface measurement

With our optical measurement technology, we can perform cone inspections as well as measurements of propeller and other free-form surfaces. For this purpose, we use different methods, which can either be used independently from each other or in combination.

  • Photogrammetry: Applicable for measurements in installed condition directly on the vessel (dry dock)
  • Fringe projection: Useable for disassembled parts at the shipyard's workshop
Propellerwechsel 1

Application scenarios

On-site optical measurements, at any of the worldwide shipyards, are especially suitable for the propeller assembly process, either for the measurement of the tail shaft (Virtual Contact Test) as part of a propeller retrofit/redesign or for the assembly of a new propeller.

Furthermore, optical measurement is also used as geometric inspection after a repair, e.g. blade tip fracture, to ensure the required propulsion efficiency.

Optical measurement result of propeller blade tips after repair
Optical measurement of a propeller with a handheld fringe projection scanner
Propellervermessung 2
Photogrammetric analysis of propeller blade tips after repair
Propellervermessung 1
Photogrammetry of the propeller in assembled condition
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Photogrammetry of a tail shaft
Propellerwechsel 3
Redesign/Retrofit propeller before mounting on the tail shaft
VCT Mounting 3
Redesign propeller with MMG-Escap in assembled condition after propeller exchange

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